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  • hi......hey can you help me find totally offline crack of cod4mw2 please please please ? :(

    yes..i mean...totally offline....i downloaded codmw2 from NOSteam and it was okay....but when i launched my own server it said .iwd files are ummmm idk sumthing like that......

    now i downloaded a crack......and now it says must be logged in to steam.....

    please help me find a totally offline crack so i can play with my friends

    no hamachi etc......just wanna play this freaking game in offline mode

    plz help
    Thank you very mch for the offer . I am a little bit held right now as soon as i finish my exams i will get to you for games.
    Han dishonored ka end kar liya hai. Yar abhi open world ka dil nahi kar raha...Sleeping dogs recently end ki hai. Abhi hitman install ki hai. Woh check karta hon. Uske baad Far Cry 3 ko check maron ga.

    Hamid meet up ka mere aur subhani ka tu confirm ho gya hai. 30th ko set ki hai inhon ne...

    Subhani se district 137 bhi laya hon. Sona hai achi game hai.
    Tumhare pass The Witcher 2 ka setup para howa hai??. Abhi recently Sleeping Dogs ka end kiya hai koi RPG style game kehlne ka dil kar raha hai.
    Ajj unhon ne dobara date change kar di hai. Mera tu date per depend karta hai....Abhi Subhani ke sath discuss karta hon.
    18K ki sahi chali gae hai, Likn tumhari ki condition bhi achi thi.
    haha. Ye tu hai. PC mein gaming ki adat ho jae tu console bekar ho jati hai. 23 ko PG meet up ho rahi hai. Plan hai jane ka???
    PS3 kitni ki sale howi??
    yar pls tell him i have gone to village. i sent him pm about this. if he have any doubt then i can transfer the amount in his account.
    hello my dear
    I am SINDA by name good day. i just went to your profile this time true this site (PakGamers - video game, news, reviews, previews, trailers in Pakistan) and i got your detail and your explanation in fact the way you explain your self shows me that you are innocent and maturity and also understand person i decided to have a contact with you so that we can explain to our self each other because God great everyone to make a friend with each other and from that we know that we are from thism planet God great for us ok my dear please try and reach me through my email address ([email protected]) so that i can send you my picture true your reply we can know each other ok have a nice day and God bless you yours SINDA
    Bro can you make me a gud signature, It should be related to Networks. I hope you'll surprise me.
    i need your number, so we can set up a deal, i have to leave for ireland by next thurday so i have to give the game to my cousin.. do u have skype?
    yeap..port forwarding was the prob...i forwarded my port so all is good now...anyways my game runs a litttleeee bit slower when im hosting altough i have an excellent ping...and i have a 1mb i guess i wont be hosting often
    HEY btw wen i chk my server stats on the alteriw server list it says 'server did not respond within specified time' that normal...or has my server not launched properly?
    because no1 seens to be joining it
    hey thanks man...very helpful :)
    just 1 last thing...clarify this statement of urs>> "For killstreaks first check whether you have set them up yourself via the menu"
    how do i access this menu?
    if u mean if ive selected my killstreak rewards...then yes i have
    heyy bro ive succesfully hosted a server on mw2...just need to know how i can name my server and there are no killstreak rewards while do i activate those??
    I know how to make a server now. I have a 4MBPS connection and tested it with Majawar so we can play together (and making server is SOOOO easy) message me on skype and we can play.
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