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  • Here, a glimpse of my music library. You need Foobar2000, the best program for listening to music. Reason - because of the 5.1 surround sound dolby headphones experience.
    It totally feels as if you are listening to music in surround sound, now I cannot listen to music without it.
    See the number of plays of the theme song of legend of the legendary heroes? 35! I'm in love with the Japanese.

    So now I hardly use youtube to listen to anything related to anime. I download everything and listen to it on foobar2000 with the surround sound experience.
    Okay I have stopped seeding other torrents, so now you can enjoy my 21 kbps avg. for 2 days.
    I'm not rich so I have 1mbps, so just pray and wait.

    No I would listen to osts when I have started to learn programs like photoshop, inkscape, illustrator, after effects, premiere pro, and also when I learn to clean + typeset manga etc. Then I would put OSTs up to my playlist and then keep doing some work on those programs. (I want to join a scanlation group, because I want more manga. Even two or three groups if possible).
    Plus my hdd is 238Gb so I only have really important osts, and the other stuff are (a high amount of) mostly theme songs, insert songs, some arranges and op/eds.
    I love everything Japanese.

    To some extent that is true, but while watching anime I don't concentrate that much on the music. But now I do.

    Oh and thanks a lot for complimenting my choice.
    And you're welcome! Feel free to ask anything
    Anime, of which osts you should definitely download in my opinion:
    Angel Beats! (Another masterpiece by Maeda Jun)
    Aoi Hana
    Aria -download the whole collection- (It is a pure masterpiece, you will love it wholly).
    Clannad (Masterpiece)
    Darker than Black -Ryuusei no Gemini-
    Death note
    Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny
    Hidamari Sketch
    Someday's Dreamers (Absolutely amazing)
    Natsume Yuujinchou
    Red Garden
    Sora no Woto
    Tamayura Mushishi (You and I both know that this can't be missed no matter what.) too.
    You're welcome.
    I would love to post more soundtracks/instrumentals but at the moment I don't listen to much of the osts. For now I am more into songs, I think that you don't Japanese vocals do you?

    What I think you want from me is this:
    Just to tell you, I am probably the only seeder who is seeding these torrents so your download speed will be really slow.
    But for some quick listening go grab the osts of the many anime from BakaBt. If you don't know how to download publicly then tell me, I'll help you. I know that it's really hard maintaining a ratio there for Pakistanis like us.
    Assalam Kensid, Happy Eid Mubarak to u and ur family , and may Allah made ur eid great and all ur wishes can true.
    Ur Friend Asim
    i will keep the non lgit for the time being will get the original later on
    dont know why mbl not working
    Sry man late reply !!!! i have send u a mail so this won't be any problemo...!
    hmm i saw ur post when pg made their clan ...u said u want join pg then we make 2nd team of pg and we call the players who send the post to join pg but were not selected....we call u in noobsftw if u will play good its sure that wheels will call u in pg now its upto u if u want join mow aur noobsftw ....
    yar tum noobsftw mein ho to jab tum tf2 mein aao to [n00bsFTW] to ye tag apne nam ke peeche lagana k and mujhe steam pe add karo mera steam id omer2009 hein mein ne tumhare se match ki baat karnii hein.
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