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    FoodPanda is shit

    I love the "gamer world" part of the post. You will definitely be dealing with him and it will be too late when you come to know ohhhh shit, this was him. He has mastered in scams.

    Pg xtremist rank should be changed to something more moderate .

    My title or rank when I posted few days back in this thread was "PG Xtremist". Now, probably as a result of some experiments by the Admn, it has changed into "PG Xtreme". I attempted repeatedly to change it again as per guide provided above but change does not take effect.

    Pg xtremist rank should be changed to something more moderate .

    1. Knowledge, logic and sense shall matter the most, not the senioirty or so called experience. 2. Extremism should be discouraged in all its forms, anywhere and everywhere.

    [SOLVED] PG Topics and Posts Formatting is Not Working

    Heard many days back that some technical team working on it. However the work appear to be too long. The ultimate sufferers are the users, both freelance and paid ones.

    [Suggestion] Which Bank to choose except SCB

    I dont know about Askari but UBL is a poor performer. Whenever you need to execute an online transaction, you will find its link down. Having availed different options so far, I have concluded that BAHL is a better option although nothing is 100% in Pakistan.

    None of the veon black friday prices on Daraz actually work

    You are not alone but many are the victims. The offered / advertised price-drop in the check-out phase is linked to some specific payment procedure and if buyer selects cash on delivery, they charge the actual full price+shipping and withdraw the concession. Customer care is well trained to keep...

    || PG's Speedtest Results || ~ Brag about Teh Speeeeedz

    Improved Test Result : Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Experience at

    I did read many complaints about them for sending used, refurbished, open box and damaged / broken things and then a lengthy and tiresome exercise to get such an item replaced. Mostly people gave up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    [Important] Our Beloved PG Fellow OWI KHAN.

    Very sad news. He was a very good person, honest and cooperative. We will be missing him here. Everyone of us will eventually meet this day, no exception. May the departed soul rest in peace and may Allah Almighty grant fortitude to the bereaved family to bear this loss.
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    Need some serious advice for my cousin.

    It is not necessary at all to win big degrees with high percentage for a successful life. He can still become Malik. Riaz. Help him plan a good business. He can thereafter hire big degree-holders to assist him.
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    Chronic kidney disease : elevated Creatinine and BUN

    @Cerberus : I am not a doctor neither got any personal experience hence cannot suggest anything. However I pray for early recovery and good health of your mother. What you are doing and how much concerned you are is indeed appreciable. This is what you need to keep up. Dont look worried to her...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 Officially Launched - 1800X $499, 1700X $399 and 1700 $329

    Intel must be frustrated looking at price and performance of ryzen
  13. KDKHAN

    Punjab govt declares Careem, Uber illegal, Sindh Seeking Ban Too

    Punjab / Sindh governments mismanaging the issue. They should have first put in place some laws / regulations and regulatory bodies to monitor and regulate these companies and to issue proper business licenses through an open auction. Instead doing their very basic work, they directly hammered...
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    PTCL died today along with other ISP

    Major breakdown because of cut in the optic fiber cable. Outage of most ISPs and Cellular net proved they also depending on PTCL's infrastructure. Restoration of service started in different parts. PTCL Team at work : Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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