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  • Hey Bro !
    I got Iphone 4 16gb WHITE 10/10 Condition Just like new with original cover from apple bought from Barcelona
    And iphone 4 32 GB BLACK In gud condition 9/19

    Both are without accessories or boxex ! and unlocked ! Do yuh wanna Buy any one of them ?
    Haha.. Yaar arsalan siddiqui wahi tou nahi hai jiski daari hai? Chashma lagata hai? Bechara sab say dant kha raha hota hai :D :D :D.. Even girls.. :D..

    Han yaar ras is good timing wise leking learning kuch nai hai yaar. btw im also taking kazim.. and manai for law.. aur BM/IT tou bhai allah hi malik hai itna dry subject hai.. lol
    haha yar main tou mazak kar raha tha, tumnay tou dil pe le li !! :D.. Maine tou khair, 1.5 years hogaye hain articles ko and havent yet stayed one day after 10pm maximum :p.. roz 5 bajay ghar.. :D.. Cuz im in RAS.. haha.. khair abhi audit pe ja raha hon tou lagay gi doobara..

    Aur module E ki classes le rahay ho ?
    EY kay tou saray aisai hotay hain yaar :D parhtay wartay hain nahi bas harwaqt tafreeh :D :D :D hahaha.. just kidding !!! you also acca? or of CA background?
    April 2010? So youre from Zia Kayani, Jawwad Ahmed, Vaqas Salahuddin, Saad Rasheed etc group? Mine is Faisal Tahir. I know all of those guys pretty well! they're all in B1 though
    yeah i know those guys! sabih and ali atif didnt go on secondments this time AFAIK. i joined in april 2007 so yeah, 4 years.

    whats your real name? i must have seen you around
    HEY! i saw your wall post just now! as you can tell, havent logged in for a while!

    in OC, know Sheharyar Rahim? i was with him on the Abu Dhabi secondment recently, sadly my time with EY has come to an end this may. moving to pastures new!
    for wireless reciever,contect with jshak.

    wired controller A grade copy in 1899rs only sealed pack.
    the number u posted is one digit short and i live in defence any way could u set a meet in defence/clifton area?
    ok but my exams on monday would be able to buy it on monday evening btw how would i check the joystick?Btw where do u live?
    tell ur friend to hang in there...iv been across such friends myself in similar situations but the difference was they'd had vocal contact since a month or so b4 marriage or things like that so that changed it all vs ur case...so yeh understand it myself man...i m not against arranged marriage but i am against the lack of understanding b4 marriage its just madness....and yes this forum is filled with fools i dont know why they call it a public forum then if u cant speak ur heart out!
    dude...just ignore the mods and the people who closed your thread i dont know which forums follow such naive ways its like bloody vatican church saying astrology is wrong...assholes i swear these lame ass ppl...just ignore em! no offence on the post!
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