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  • Alright man, ill let u know once i get the cash in my account, in the meantime please do leave me positive trader feedback, thanks
    Hi, you may find this message kinda weird, but here goes:
    First, to get things straight, im just looking for some friendly advice. So I'm 14, and I wanna earn some ca$h, even if it's just a little. At first I saw that social wallet thread, but then you mentioned that doing technical stuff will be more helpful in the longer run. I totally agreevwith you on that. I had considered this last year, but due to school, I couldn't really focus on this. But now summer vacations are here, and I've got plenty o time. But I'm clueless as were to start learning programming, and even if I do learn sone of it, how will I be able to earn money through it? So yea, that's my story. And since you look like someone whose pretty familiar with this stuff, maybe you could shed some light on me and guide me I. The right direction, just to get me started? Thanx for taking the time to read this.
    I guess I owe you an apology for not reading the first post. My bad. But in my defense, I wasn't really giving advise, I was more of questioning him.
    السلام علیکم !!

    I wanted to ask about your thread. Why is it closed and not sticked?

    I personally feel that it also serves an important aspect of the exercise and not sticking it seems ... Unfair.

    The current sticky thread seems more like a Discussion Thread and I don't see a valid reason for it to be sticked inplace of yours.

    Sorry for the very late reply dude :p ... Yeh I got that message but didn't know how to reply ... Thing is I can't myself ship directly to Germany. However I can send them to Shyber (or some other relative/friend of yours) and he can send them to you in Germany. If this is acceptable, I can try to find out the charges for 10 Blurays .. Let me know ..
    Ok sent :). Just read the rules for once to avoid any ban hammer....

    Friendly tips:
    Try to maintain good ratio
    Download as much Free leech torrents as possible. Their Download doesn't count so they are free to download.
    Seed as much torrents as possible to gain bonus points. You can purchase upload credit with it.
    Lastly do check your torrent client's version from the list of allowed clients.

    Happy Pirating!

    PS: Didn't get the last work :S
    i have this number for a few days : 4915212022828
    how did u find out and get100 euro from registration??.
    and how did u find 5euro o2 sim.which package??
    Yeah i need the frostmourne key chain, im from lahore so let me know if you can ship it. Plus also list the method of payment.
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