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  • well asal me na cd key jo he wo Uplay ki he , and mery pass only base game he , and gold edition pe tu sale b ni lagi hui steam pe so it will be very expensive ,

    jo uplay ki base game he uki price mery pass 1950/- he
    if u order today,it ll b here in next 15 to 25 days

    yes every thing included in it.
    delievr u at ur door steps
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    Robot Check

    wel then if u can wait lil more bcz the games is just released + only 20$ thats why price is near official rate
    will update when price drops
    so ur like official retailer of Zotac? i hope it takes off. maybe it isn't working that great rite now coz of international warranty and urz is a new name in the game. give it time, IMX wasn't famous in a month :)
    No SSD unfortunately as no UPS and it will just get damaged. And i have a 7870xt for now,well i gues its okay. Its not that bad :)
    You'll have to ask the author of the mod about the issue you're having. Post your query at the nexus.

    Setting UGridsToLoad=7 or higher will definitely increase loading times, especially if you have a weak GPU. On my system, it takes around 10-15 on first loading, though this can be significantly reduced if you have an SSD drive.
    well i added it,didnt make much of a difference but the loading screen lasted about 9-10 times longer. Dont know why. But i removed and everything seems to be working fine.
    Taken from the tweak guide I shared earlier

    uGridsToLoad=5 - This variable does not exist and need to be added to bottom of the [General] section of the Skyrim.ini file to be implemented. It controls the radius around the character within which the engine loads up the most detailed objects, characters and terrain. It can have a substantial impact on both image quality and performance. Any value assigned to this variable needs to be in odd increments, e.g. 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. The screenshot comparisons above demonstrate the way in which there is progressively higher detail in the distance as the value of this variable is raised (a better example showing uGridsToLoad=7, the most stable value, can be seen here)
    Set this command in Skyrim.INI file

    WARNING: Once you set this command and save game, there's no going back. If you try to revert back to its original value, the game will simply crash upon loading when it detects the value is different.
    This line should be added at the bottom of the [General] section of "Skyrim.ini" file.


    Use this guide for further tweaking

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tweak Guide | GeForce

    Hope this helps. I've never used the grass mods myself, so I'm afraid I can't be of much help here.
    ok i think i found a solution,in skyrimprefs.ini under Grass,there these lines:

    And if you increase their values,the fade in/out limit increases but stops at a certain point,i think i need some specific values after that. :
    this one was at about 15K value:

    This one was with Grass on steroids mod on and about 20k i think,or could have been 40K,not sure,but the point is it has stopped increasing now even if i set it too 100,000:
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