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  • Why do I have a feeling that you are being sarcastic in that statement -___-

    Anyway. Chilll. Get a glass of water. I wasn't labelling you a terrorist or something, you know. :)
    By third person I was referring to the job availability to people coming back to Pakistan. That's third person.

    The part where I said 'I dunno what Hotshot's talking about' refers to the point you made where you said that they don't settle in well/don't get jobs etc. :/
    Lol. What's up with the 'work experience outside your home' rant.

    We were talking about 3rd person there. Not about me, or you. Whats all the problem about? =)

    As far as work is concerned, I've worked on a contract basis with the World Bank and the IMF. Honda too, but that was more of a 'paid industrial training' than work. Any thing else?
    I will be coming back to Pakistan in a week or inshaa'Allah, do pray for me...
    This is my last semester there in Karachi, after my studies I will move back here to Jeddah for further pursuing my career
    Iqama as it is called...

    You need a Resident Permit to live here without a timely visa or something...

    It expires after a year so renewal is to be yearly now...

    But that doesn't matter much as after a few months I'll be back here permanently...
    According to PG's Avatar & Signature Rules, maximum limit allowed is ... 450 x 130 Pixels.

    Read the rules for further info. :)

    In short ... you only need to fix the "Height".
    Kindly read the PG's Avatar & Signature Rules.

    Your current Signature is ABOVE the maximum limit allows. Kindly FIX IT.

    You have 24 hours. After that, i will be forced to remove it myself.
    Visit: SigTutorials.com Forums
    They have a tutorials section you can find tutorials there. Plus you can post the sigs (that you made) on their forums to get feedback for improvement
    I myself learned a lot from there, their senior members are very cooperative
    Probably on Tuesday. We might be arranging a meetup at G-zone in a month or so. Maybe a tournament as well. Will keep you posted.
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    XPremiuM XPremiuM: So... GTA 6 official trailer finally drops on Tuesday @ 7 PM... Too much hype regarding this game.
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