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    Transworld Internet VS Storm Fiber (PECHS BLOCK 6 Extension)

    I have both. Transworld is better: better pings and bandwidth.
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    Want To Sell Wechip Air Mouse

    New. Opened to check. Rs. 2100 shipped
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    Valorant Bahrain Servers

    Valorant has just got Bahrain servers on which I am getting 30ms pings. Just getting into the game. Seems fun.
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    PTA Rant Thread

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    PTA Rant Thread

    Looks like this has now been fixed.
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    PTA Rant Thread

    Let's hope so. I think we need to raise this with our ISPs and ask them to take this up with PTA.
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    PTA Rant Thread

    It looks like they are doing this on purpose.
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    Planning to get Nvidia's RTX 30 series ?

    A friend is coming from the USA next week. I tried to order a 3080 online on Thursday :ROFLMAO: . I guess it's going to be a long wait now for the 30 series to be available in Pakistan.
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    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    I tried a few servers on Speedtest and direct downloads (EU and USA). I also have a 50mb TW connection which gives me full speeds. Steam uses Pakistani servers for downloads on which I get 10mbps or 800KB/sec
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    StormFiber (By Cybernet) FTTH Discussion Thread

    Anyone else get slow download speeds on international servers? With a 30mbps connection, I'm getting 4-5mbps on EU/US servers download and 30mbps uploads. 30/30 on Pakistani servers.
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    Transworld Enterprise Services (TES) - GPON - Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

    The problem seems to have been fixed. Will report back after a few days.
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    Transworld Enterprise Services (TES) - GPON - Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

    So I just got Transworld (50mbps) and running it alongside Stormfiber (30mbps) with WAN balancing. TW does NOT provide the advertised speeds on international servers! I can't even stream a video on Plex on TW. SF works flawlessly. The maximum actual download speeds are 400-600Kb/sec per stream...
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    Transworld Enterprise Services (TES) - GPON - Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

    How is the download ans upload to servers outside pakistan?
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    Speed Throttle presented by TES and Optix

    We have 10 users and my daily usage is around 20-30gb. Never noticed any slow down though.
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