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  • buddy im looking to buy some budget headphones with mic and noise cancellation option

    so what do you have for me? ....and the cost?
    Bro i would if i could use them but i dont have dual layer writer at the moent! Thats why need normal 4.7GB discs.
    Hey bro,by any chance do u have single layer 4.7GB empty discs up for sale? Need a pack or two depending on the price.
    Thank you. I just googled it myself. :)

    BTW, next time please PM me. I won't be replying to VMs as I won't be coming online through PC and tapatalk doesn't support VMs. :(
    got mine from faizy a long time ago...don't remember the price.maybe it was 3k

    anyway if u use abgx at level 3 always then it should fix all yellow/red problem.if its not doing that then there must be something wrong with ur iso.
    u can burn truncated copies through any burner but they are incomplete 97% verified.to burn 100% verified, u need a special LT-MAX burner.some older games work on truncated method but they are not online safe.

    as for L0-L1.it means the security check sectors are blank on the iso.set ur abgx to level3 and then execute it.it will fix that for ur automatically.
    ur burning a truncated copy..thats the problem.only an LT-MAX burned copy will work which requires a special burner.
    Yeah, Star Cricket HD would be good. :)

    If you see it somewhere, do tell me about it too. :)

    BTW, what are the rates of DWN?
    Waoh, sorry for the late reply [i barely get on, on pg nowadays]
    Help you out with what?
    I haven't really tried DWN TV. My khala has it, she is satisfied but it does have its problems. Sometimes, some channels don't come and etc. Though, DWN has good quality.

    Smart TV has a LOT of problems but they came for a short while, then a long period of no problems. If you have a relative in PTCL, then surely get Smart TV. The video quality is excellent.
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