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  • lol gulshan ke halaat kitne kharab hain, anyways i am giving the mobile to ufone ppl to reclaim warranty for now
    have u unlocked ur phone yet? canu help me from when and where? :S the u8150
    Hardware alone isn't what matters. Its the software that runs on it that gives you the experience.

    If you wanna buy an iPod, wait till September. New iPods come out in September for the same price as the old ones :)
    Mobile phone will never be able to fulfill ur gaming needs. Touch games just aren't as fun (talking about hardcore games not casual ones).
    Still if you wanna game on ur phone, iPhone is the way to go. Tons of great fun games.
    It is NOT a good idea to invest in any new PSP now. The new PSPVita will be released thi fall for $250. Save your money and prepare for that awesomeness. Ofc it won't be hackable for a while but trust me that is one powerful handheld console.

    However, if you don't wanna wait... Get the PSP Slim n Lite (PSP-2000). I had it and it was pretty good and easily hackable. I'm not sure about the hacking of PSP-3000 but that's good too.
    PSP GO is a no-go. Its expensive and not good enough.
    dude just install a custom rom cm7 or fusionideos or dronix 0.4 and install their respective kernel, i forgot but one of these rom come originally with custom kernels like 729 mhz etc , CM7 is the best rom but with few bugs i have helped another friend installing it, fusionideos is good too am using it right now. add me @gmail if u wanna know more.
    Oops. Sorry about my last message.
    Brother the last I can do is 3k+ u pay shipping, I'll send through overload service which is cheapest, but it reaches in 72 hours (As disclosed by courier guy)

    Trust me you won't regret this deal, these are lots. and . . lots of movies :D
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