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  • So should I go ahead and buy one myself? What was the price difference between 23" and 24" when you bought yours? IIRC, 23-inch was being sold in the 18k~ range, no?
    Hey, sup.. You have ST2320L right? Do you find it any good? Does the 24-inch model available at CZONE worth 20.4k in this day and age? Or are there any better or cheaper alternatives.

    dude u should order ur processor asap...2 of my best sources in market have claimed that processors will go out of stock when complete lineup of motherboards arrive(which is expected to be next week).
    according to them major Pakistani importers have ordered a very limited stock of haswell and the next major stock is coming after mid july
    Glacial Power GP-PS550BP 500W power supply review at Techaddicts

    Glacial Power True 500W PSU
    Building a 7870/660 rig for a friend here. Is this PSU good enough to run a 7870?
    That's my limitation, I cant get a bigger monitor because it's not very movable and I tend to move from place to place a lot. And f*ck 3d, that shit gives me a headache. Is it worth doing a crossfire or should i straight up get a better card, this shit is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overkill for my resolution
    Core i5 3570,
    Sapphire 7870xt boost,
    500w PSU(Haven't upgraded that still)
    8gigs ram
    Okay, so I have a lot of money saved up and even more coming since I'm still working. I have literally nothing to buy so I'm going to go ahead and upgrade to an SLI-setup. Aside from the cost of the extra GPU, how much damage am I to expect? I'll be getting a bigger PSU but I don't know anything about SLI-motherboards. Let me know. P.s, I'm running with 7870XT currently, got it just about a month ago :p
    Yes, it doesn't have pop out effect as much as 3DTVs. But it does have excellent depth.

    And I can obviously not recommend 3DTVs for 3D gaming on PC. If you want to play PC games in 3D, 3D monitor is the way to do it. Sharpness is extremely important for me in 3D to focus properly on the image. This is where Full HD 1080p 3D has a huge edge over 720p 3D of 3DTVs.

    For 3D movies however, 3DTVs have the edge in my opinion.
    I bought VG236H for 45k directly from Shingtech (Market price was 48k)
    I like the LCD. It's extremely bright and I had to turn brightness down to 30 for comfortable usage
    I compared it with Samsung 2333HD and the display on Asus VG236H looked much sharper and much more clearer
    120Hz certainly does make a difference. Although you get used to it with time and it doesn't remain anything extraordinary. It's just that other displays start feeling inferior after that
    3D is a bit different from 3D in TVs. It seems more about depth into the screen than things coming out of it. Games which have good 3D effects look amazing. While many games are just ok at best
    The glasses are not as comfortable as those of Samsung 3DTVs. But that's probably because I have prescription glasses and use headphones with PC
    Initially I was a bit unimpressed with the black level during movies. But I haven't had any complaint regarding that since I started using PowerDVD instead of VLC
    buddy finally made up my mind, im gonna stick to my i3 :D. And yet again thanks a lot hasan for the help bro :)
    thanx for the opinion...now another thing is that i have a trade option of getting an i5 2300 in exchange of my i3 (of course with some difference to be paid, but that is quite negligible). i think it is a good deal, but do tell me that is i5 2300 good enough for future too....i mean how close it is to that of haswell variant of the same model like i5 43xx. should i go for it or what...???
    Hello Hasan..hope u will guide me through a little confusion that i have in my mind..i recently downgraded my pc from i7 to i3 2nd gen, planning to upgrade it when the Haswell arrives. i also sold my mobo. but now i am a lot confused, whether to go with my plan or to stick with the i3. it is quite satisfying for me bcz it is serving to my kind of gaming perfectly. but obviously it has a dark future ahead and will b worthless as the new things come in to replace these older versions. So i seek ur advice in this regard...
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