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  • You are right about the heavy bag and thanx for the offer.... i'll try asking my dad but i don't think he'll allow it :s I haven't bought anything by dealing online :s
    Anyway what's the punching bag made of? like that material of which schoolbags/handbags are made of ( parachute i guess ) or its a little softer and shiny material like here


    EDIT:- and i forgot to ask did you buy boxing gloves..... im gonna fill it with sand so i think i should buy gloves..
    Dude i saw your thread for the punching bag... i didn't want to bump it as its months old so i'll just ask here... Which one did you bought? the heavy bag ( leather one ) or the normal one.... I too am a beginner, i wanted to go to a boxing gym but its too far away so i thought to train home... And what did you fill it with? I heard sand is pretty hard for a beginner...
    Great vinyl collection, do you have a vinyl player to go with it? Anyways I have no idea what should be paid for these, but really how much are you willing to sell them for each.

    I hope you are doing well. I came here with a question, hoping you could hlp me with it.

    Firstly, does ACCA allow sitting professional exams (P2 and P3 ONLY) for students who have cleared all but 2 Fundamental exams (F6 and F9)? Secondly, I can't find any good trainers for paper P3 in my locality, so are you of the opinion that this particular paper is easy enough to be attempted on one's own (using OpenTuition notes and video lectures along with Kaplan Study Text and Exam Kit)? Thirdly, should I be attempting or, more appropriately, will I be allowed to attempt the thesis for OBU BSc degree once ALL Fundamental exams have been cleared?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards.
    My friend has a core2duo hp laptop. But i think he'll ask for something like 30k for it
    Anytime bro. I also have a P4 lying around. But i think ur looking for something a bit more powerful
    I was seeing ur thread. i have a used HP 520 dual core. I think it should fall in ur budget if ur interested in a used laptop
    bhai no problem. anyone is allowed to post/ask questions. thats the purpose of that thread.. i was just kidding but i guess u took it too seriously.
    i want to tell that i can offer 4.5 k for ur silver elctric guitar and 2k for semi-auostic
    hey man.... listen denitro just texted me abt the gt 5 thread, i havent turned on the game in like 2 weeks now n didnt get the car before that :/ so i thought u never sent it... turned my ps3 on now... downloading the 2 updates as i type this. u'll have the car back by evening today inshallah...

    p.s u could have sent me a pm or vm u know :/ havent checked the thread in ages either o.0
    formula gt... could i like borrow it for a race or 2?? i was saving cash but then the bonus races stopped in the seasonal events... -.- so cash flow's slowed down....
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