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  • Hello,
    Please delete this thread as the OP made another thread in the correct section.
    Ok, i THINK i got it working, BitGamer is registering me as seeing a torrent, and I set the speed to 300kb/s , gonna leave it like that for a couple of hours while i watch pr0.. i mean walking dead season 3 ;p see how much it tallies up to on bitgamer.
    well im downlaoding AC3 right now and thought to give the upload a boost at the same time, so ur telling me this only works if im not downloading ? because when i tried to do the memory scan, it detected what version of utorrent i have on my PC, but when i tried running the AC3 torrent, it just said no torrent detected in memory...

    and is this thing just an upload speed faker, or is it actually downloading the torrent somewhere as well ?
    Actually that Persona 4 movie was just a compilation of the best moments of the Animation and at the end it included the True ending episode AFAIK anyways.Persona 3 was such a long game putting it into a 90 min film without losing the quality of the story and without missing out on major details of the plot will be a challenge.I would've preferred it if they'd made an ANime series like Persona 4.
    Yeah, I figuredd it out once I started the answer, But after that I just Yotubed the doors and the final cutscene, It was truly Epic, Especially seeing the Main Charcacter lift up his finger towards the light. :eek:

    My Body is ready for teh Persona 3 MOVIE!!
    Also please Add a little more space between the screenshots, I can;t do it since my cursor just jumps to the top of the post whenever I press enter :S
    Please Add the following to the AC III threads main title:

    "The Future Depends On Those Who Are Truly Free"
    Finished the Journey just now, that was an amzing ending, Persona 3 definitely out did Persona 4 and about 99% of all ohter games ever made in that respect, It did well in bulding up to the final fight too, something which was completely absent in P4 where the Final boss just pops out of nowhere on the very last day.

    I was pretty happy when i finally beat Nyx Avatar, That battle takes atleast one hour to finish and I died twice as well.But Did I die at the end? On the rooftop I mean.The MC sealed Nyx within himself right? WHich mean he's dead now or something? It's too ambiguous to figure out.I'll try starting the Answer tommorrow and play it as far as I can, If I can't go further or get bored then I'll Youtube the story bits.
    It's a good thing I haven't played Elizabeth's story then lol, I unlocked it but asn't interested enough to continue, But I'll definitely give it a go.Thanks for the heads up on the Answer, i guess I'll just youtube the story stuff then.
    Elizabeth is a enigma really, I love going on dates with her.Aigis is pretty mechanical (as she should be) in P3 but she was alot more developed in P4 Arena.I'm hoping for alot of development on her side in The answer as well.These guys really know how to tell an amazing story with great charcters, P4 Arena was fantastic, Labry's story especially and then there's catherine. :D

    I hate how they won't even release any small details about Persona 5 even a single shot of conept artwork would be great but no :/ You've played Arena right?I have a feeling they may be setting us up for P5 there but TBH I'd prefer it if they went with new characters instead.BTW I'm seeing alot of fanmade music for Persona 5 on Youtube, there's a whole album of it there, But the weird thing is that they're using ATLUS's official logos on the covers.
    Anyways, Not being able to control your party is a pain, I still facepalm whenever Mitsuru tries to cast Marin Karin on an enemy with less than 10% HP. :/
    Shinji Just died, "This is How it should be" What a way to go right? :(

    As Far as Music is concerned, I love em both, P3 generally has better battle themes and some of the Piano pieces are great but Dungeon themes are alot better in P4,The best thing about P3's music is Lotus Juice, Most of the tracks have an angsty feel to them with alot of attitude, which is fitting for game like P3. P3 is alot darker and Serious than P4 but it still has good Comic relief.The Babe Hunt and Console recordings for example.I was laughing my Ass off for 5 mins when I saw Fuuka's Vibrating belt Vid :D

    Charcters are again fantastic, Makes me feel even worse about not being able to link up with em but again they're alot different from P4 charcters, Those guys ere for the most part Normal teenagers with very refined and Mostly Normal Personalities, P3's charcters on the other hand have tons of issues.So far I can't really say which one I like more.
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