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    NINTENDO Xenoblade Chronicles 3 arriving early on July 29th

    Mother of all things holy lmfaoooooooo
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    Help Regarding Buying a car

    oh yeah everything is in a downward spiral
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    NINTENDO Xenoblade Chronicles 3 arriving early on July 29th

    A good time to sail the heavens and do takeaways from hell!
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    Help Regarding Buying a car

    It is if you're used to really run-down cars. With alto, you get mint package, with smooth transmission, tip-top engine, and a silky ride in the price range. So in comparison, alto's a better deal. But if an older model is in mind, and worn-out cars aren't an issue. Then the 2013 to 2016...
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    Help Regarding Buying a car

    oh forgot to mention the fact, you basically don't lose any money on it. People will buy it for whatever price you name below the MSRP. It's a rolling cash deposit.
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    Help Regarding Buying a car

    It does, its ugly as fook. I was in the same boat but ended up getting it. It took a week for me to get used to the shape, the interior is well enough, roomy, and does the job perfectly. my daily drive is around 4 hours so, it has good comfort for me. Even if you're tall, it can accommodate...
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    [WTS] PS4 Games Goldmine (JRPGs, Actions and Fun)

    I'm letting go of my beloved collection that took a whole lot to find around in this country. It includes some hard-to-find in Pakistan discs, especially JRPGs. Price: Please don't expect cheap rates for some games. If you buy the ENTIRE package, I am willing to let it go for a discounted rate...
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    [WTS] PS4 - Multiple Games

    Payment: Bank Transfer or Hand to Hand. Delivery: Charges will be extra, consider 200rs at the minimum. Condition: Varies between 8 out of 10 to 10/10. Contact Via WHATSAPP ONLY 0313 777 TWO FOUR ZERO TWO Titles: Star Ocean V - 3000 Tales of Berseria - 3000 Persona 5 - 3000 CODE VEIN - 3000...
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    MULTI Cyberpunk 2077 - 18+ million copies sold!

    one day it will release and I will finally play it.... A distant dream. ;_;
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    Need some critique on parts in building first a PC in 150k to 200k range

    Hey there, I know its late. Very late, but hear me out. What you are spending on your PC is not worth it, not in 2021. And it's not because of the inflation, it's because of the fact that GPU will cost you an entire lung. Rather than going for a computer, Get an Xbox Series X, and a TV...
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    Want To Sell GTX1050Ti - Used

    Item: GTX1050Ti Condition: 8/10 - Including the box. Price: 29,500 PKR (Negotiable for SERIOUS buyers) - Urgent Sale! Location: Islamabad Payment: Hand to Hand, If Islamabad. Otherwise, Bank Transfer. Shipping: Yes, on your responsibility. Contact: 0313 7772402 - WHATSAPP ONLY! Pictures...
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