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  • I Used 390 on my system with a different Psu and it was not giving display there also :(
    Our troubles are not over. brother bought 1060gtx 3gb came home insatlled the card, ran computer and Dota2 after 20 min or so computer restarted again with no display? What seems to be problem chicken? My guess is PSU or Motherboard's PCIE Slot? Rams he checked yesterday they showed no problem...
    My bro came in conatct with Beegeek operation manager he asked him to bring the card tomorrow it will be sent for warranty(Repair) cost will 6-8k and require 2 months or above :\. We are screwed already so why not try it anyways.
    Nah man its not the port, if it was the port then system would stop giving display.... Computer is restarting randomly
    This the only thing that i didnt check :\ and i remembered it in morning, We have only access to HDMI and VGA ports
    Out of curiosity what is your guess the problem is with the card? It Runs, Fans spin. Can change Bios from normal or UEFI but no display....
    I am located in rawalpindi bro, will give you the serial no when i get home,Right now i am at university
    Yes i have contacted their operations manager he said to contact in evening Dua krna yar mera kam hu jaye, Bht zada preshan hu i cant afford that much money in loss, I am disable you know i dont have much means of earning.
    I bought it from whiich is now closed, They gave warranty for 1 year which is over now.
    Aslm O Alikum bro, I need your guidance my GPU Sapphire R9 390 has gave up on me and i am really stressed, bought the Abuses will lead to baner for 44k. It suddenly stopped giving display(tough fans runs and i checked it on two PC and same problem on both computers). its local warranty is finished on 7-01-2016 can you kindly guide me how you claim youre warranty please. I know it will go in process of international warranty but i wanna conact the right people.
    Bcz discord was not organized in anyway , so much dirt was there , u cant clean it all n I didnt want my lungs to be effected much , so I am coming back to real pg .

    Now I realize how much pg is better here n how much freedom we got here
    Bro do you know if pakdukan are good with warranty claims and do they have a physical shop somewhere? I wanna buy i7 7700k with motherboard but cant find a single shop who is selling both in combo at Rwp/Isb and i dont wanna buy from some random website. Last time i did that (Remember Sapphire 390) which i bought from a week after that beegeel closed and my 1 year local warranty went to complete shit :|
    Aray nai bhai xD i was just hoping to hear our people's opinion on the incident.. personally m not a fan of either parties. :p so i thought discussion k liye acha hoga thread..
    yo gc..can i make a thread about about Boss mene apko bola ki-err... i mean the latest incident with waqar zaka.. you know how he got thrashed and all right.? or will i get banned for that.? XD
    Lets hope i can get one

    Buying a computer gaming product in rwp/isl is pain in the arse
    Congrats on going Green dood. I need your advise my old samsung LCD busted its HDMI so i gave to my brother and decided to go for this should i buy it?
    LCD & LED Monitors - Asus VX239H 23-inch Widescreen IPS Monitor - Black in Pakistan for Rs.18800.00 | Computer Zone
    Great going mate. Congrats for becoming Green. Lets make PG a better place together :)
    speaking of tech i am currently on i5 2500k and DH67CL intel motherboard with 8 gb of ram i am thinking of upgrading to i7 6700k and 12GB Ram and mediocre motherboard, What do you suggest?
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