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    MULTI Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto trilogy re-release, with new improvements

    GTA 6 or Bully 2 should be next but no just milk these old games to death.
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    Playstation Join PlayStation this Thursday for a showcase of Cross-Gen Timed Exclusives

    Eventually every game will be everywhere game development cost is way too high now GTA V and Skyrim are prime examples.Sony is being sensible in releasing PS games on PC they need money to run that business.
  3. genious

    MULTI Alan Wake Remastered - Reviews are out :

    Yes played it cliffhanger he raha hai dimag main us ka abhe bhe.
  4. genious

    MULTI Alan Wake Remastered - Reviews are out :

    Agreed completely played every game they made but Max payne 1,2 and Alan Wake are on another level.Played this on friends 360 and everything was mindblowing hoping for the sequel and 11 years is a long time heard epic financed the sequel if it is true all hail that free game client.
  5. genious

    MULTI Alan Wake Remastered - Reviews are out :

    2nd part nikal do nakamo 11 saal ho gaye story he phasse hoye hai iss ki.
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    MULTI Saints Row announced (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X, Epic, Feb 25, 2022)

    Looking farigh not interested at all.Lets see if world is interesting.
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    Playstation The curious case of Blue Box Game Studios and their PS5 game Abandoned

    Ye dramay karnay reh gaye hain bas ab teaser trailer app download and what not game nakame he ho ge end par. Rockstar approach is good release the trailer some months before game release the end.
  8. genious

    Is 250000 monthly good enough income for this life style?

    Plan for your future but dont get in to this interest game believe me i have seen enough peoples in my own family got destroyed by it.
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    MULTI Dead Space remake teaser - PC/Series/PS5

    Dead Space 1 one of the best horror game i played fingers crossed.
  10. genious

    XBOX Xbox Series S and X Thread - Backwards Compatible like no other

    MS showed good games and they won this E3 for me.They got beaten badly after Xbox one.MS spent a lot of money on buying studios time for them to deliver good games.They are going for Gamepass thing which will be successful in long run just like STEAM has become for PC.
  11. genious

    [Important] New Budget Pakistan 2021/2022 - What does it mean for us ?

    Everything will be more expensive after every budget this much i now know. Petrol mehnga everything mehnge here.Ajeeb economy hai apni.
  12. genious

    MULTI Somerville announce trailer

    Looking great.
  13. genious

    MULTI The original Crysis is getting remastered

    Maybe Crysis 4 will come after these remasters.
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