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  • Sir I need the contact Number of yours ? because I need to buy the motherboard and Is this motherboard available reply me on this number 03002266581 Plz I need it urgent i'm from karachi
    My commitment will be I will test it and run it on a 550 watts seasonic PSU which is higher than the AMD site recommends so you can feel safe that if your card is all right it will go through the checking warranty period with flying colors.
    I won't be needing the added advantage of the 6970 will actually be better off with the 6950's original specs. Can you set it back to 6950 specs? I bought a 6950 but it was no display unit so I am returning that to the person. Now something like this happened in a hand to hand deal because the seller was kind enough to lie about having taken it out of the pc and in reality had not tested the card since one month. So the moral of the story is I will not buy the card unless checking warranty is given, plus after it's shipped and received it must work if it's dead or has issues I will be sending it back. If you agree let me know. Let me know final with shipping to KHI plus if you have box, which accessories and also exact model number of the card as HIS has several 6950 variants.
    salam brother..can u plz help bf3 is all set now..just bought it i am trying to search for any pakistani server or wherever pg members play where ping is low..send me that plz
    yar wht does it have any instructions in the Crack Folder?

    coz MPQE is encrypted and was used for Pre Digital Download before release so ppl wont be able install the game before release date
    it requires encryption key to unlock as far as i know

    i downloaded my game from torrent it was standard ISO File much like anyother game
    simple install > update > crack
    yar i played it the month it was launched and since the game is updated quite a few times the method to apply cracks must have also changed

    and i havent played the game in a while now :(
    i didnt get your pm......
    anyways pm me ur cell number as i can buy the card from you tomorrow
    bro clear ur inbox.....
    plz pm me ur cell number as i can buy the card tomorrow from you
    yeah i agree. HPs are wayy too expensive with all the 'shashkey'. right now, for me, the dell i3 with the 4330 seems to be the best option. ill most probably be getting rid of my rig and get the i3.
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    XPremiuM XPremiuM: So... GTA 6 official trailer finally drops on Tuesday @ 7 PM... Too much hype regarding this game.
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