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    "People don't realize who is handling this remastered version. The expectations are tenfold"

    "Just the fact that they got this game up and running on the PS4 this quick is an achievement in itself."

    What a disaster :hah:
    I don't know if the image compression is the culprit but the 1080p shots really don't look too hot. Too grainy and fuzzy looking, nowhere near as sharp as 1080p screens should look. And ND still seem incapable of implementing a decent AA solution.
    The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 (1080p/"targeting 60fps") - has gone gold - Page 24

    Holy fucking shit...no wonder he conveniently skipped posting this. A so-called remaster still makes them choose over better frame rates or better shadows. What a fucking shame :lol:
    But you're still playing it. Just unlocked some more trophies a day ago, I see. Gotta be something about the game that's still holding your attention. :)
    faraany3k's PSN Profile - PSNProfiles.com

    Faraany3k, last seen on PSN defeating 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat in UC3.

    So now you're doing an Uncharted marathon. PC games kam parh gayeen theen kya? Is this how you send your regards to "console peasants"? :lol:
    Haha yeah, it's an informed one, because you've played the game and can prove it.

    Whether I agree or disagree with you is an entirely different matter, however. :)
    faraany3k's The Last of Us Trophies - PSNProfiles.com

    Well well, look who finished TLoU 13 days ago. :p

    It's good to know that you at least played it, which is far more than I can say for your lying peers who claim to have done the same.
    Strange. I made mine 1.5 years ago so I don't remember much about the steps of signing up. Are putting your mobile number in the correct format ? eg. 92 322 1234567
    The irony of this news piece, and the person posting it :lol:

    Wii U Outsells PS4 Despite inFamous: Second Son Release In Japan According To Latest Sales Figure | GearNuke
    what? how is that possible? :p i can try but my card has been acting weird..i was trying to purchase some BO2 skins today and steam wont take my card..5mins later i recharged my steam wallet with the same card and it worked
    for steam trade you need to have steam guard enabled for 15 days continuous..i can buy and gift u the game if u want

    Are you talking about when I told some random dude that I'd prefer KZ: SF over BF4 and Titanfall? I've never said KZ: SF was the best. Try harder.
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