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  • dude i knw what i m doing and i was rite...try to understand a difference between crapping and reminding u the rules.

    also i see that a mod reminded u the same
    he is right.multiple threads r not allowed.
    sorry.keep ur old thread with u.
    Next time, if you see any racism ... do not reply and fuel the fire. Instead, PM me with the issue.
    Oh mera bhai. Calm down

    I did not delete your post because it was racist. It was because it was becoming part of a racist discussion. I deleted everyones posts, including yours. If I deleted the racist posts, but not yours ... tumhara post ajeeb na lagta that you're replying to posts that dont exist ?

    Calm down.
    Nahin yaar. I haven't faced any such problems. Maybe it could be some heating problem with your card. See if the fan of your GPU is in working condition.
    Overheating can cause slowdowns actually
    well ur offer is quite strict,as i m on my way to buy myself a gtx 260 atleast and selling my gpu for 8 k will leave me behind with 7 k to manage which will take more time for me arrange another gpu,by the way u got any 1 of these:

    gtx 260 216 core
    gtx 275
    ati hd 4870 1gb
    i would love to exchange with any 1 of them.....for sure
    brother first of all i mentioned it as a faulty card, second i am not giving any checking warranty third what if it did not satisfy you i think first you should read my thread
    yeah 1 widout wranty can be sold for 8.5k but my gpu have waranty nd u r offering me 8k not 8.5k,if u r serious offer fnf via pm
    hey i just realize u haven't upgraded my PG Trader Score. that's not fair
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