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  • u go tthis laptop from where exactly ..coz last i remember annosaad was selling these on pg--

    regardless whats the final price for this --
    hey youre selling cod:mw2? man im really interested but i live in islamabad, do you have any relatives in islamabad?
    Aisalama alaikum bro n I want to buy your GTA IV kindly reply to my pm .. thanks n regards ..
    Sir I had 82% aggregate and I saw people in merit lists who had 81% and so but I couldn't find my name. Maybe because I didn't put them on high preference or something.
    Oh sorry sir I read your message and forgot to reply.
    I'll be doing Electrical Engineering from FAST brother. =) Thought about the medical thing and what you said so EE was the apt option in my opinion.
    Aoa doctor sahab. =)
    I hope everything is fine at your end. Wanted to update you with my medical thing status. So out of the 33k students who applied for the test only 8k passed it and Alhamdullilah I am one of them. Now I await my alevel's result which should be known on the 12th of august and then I'll be applying for unis. I would aim for KE but jahan bhi hojaye khair. Btw i studied maths too and I applied at fast electrical engeeniring which I passed too and I have already got admission there. =D
    Khair that's my status aj kal. I hope you get to teach me in KE. Umeed pe dunya kaim hai they say.
    Hello Doc.
    I saw your thread the other day.
    Great mobile i must say. All the best with it! =)
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