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  • Aslamualaikum, I want to buy your darksouls. Gimmie your details so we can arrange a trade :D
    hey bro, altho i know you probably wont but might as well ask, would u be willing to sell your xbox 1 controller only?
    Sigh! That clearly means that I can't share a multiplayer game with a friend and play together at the same time anymore. That is so sad; didn't see that one coming from SONY.
    Yes, that thread. Ok, so you can actually buy, play a game and then sell the entire account like before. Meaning, the trick is to download every game using a new user and psn account. Would that also mean that you need a separate PS Plus account to buy the game using a different account other than the primary account that you'd prefer to score your trophies and achievements or do you suggest need PS Plus activated on the primary account (one that you'd never sell)?

    Secondly, what about the extra slot that could be shared with a friend to split cost on the PS3 for digital games? Does it work any way with the PS4 anymore or is it completely gone?
    Hey, Doc. I hope you're good.

    I had noticed that you got the PS4 so firstly congrats on that purchase. Secondly, I saw the ad that you put up for a PS4 digital game which made me wonder if the sharing policy for digital games on the PS4 actually allows that. Does it?

    Another thing, are all those sharing slots gone that we could use with the PS3 digital games and split the cost with a friend?
    Hi bro just wated to remind u to submit my t.s for Most wanted that I bought from u 2 weeks ago
    Jawad bhai i've a ps3 250GB and 360 4GB (both slims) for sale

    Jailbroken and Jtagged.

    Kindly let me know if you find any buyer
    My friend is interested in buying a Starcraft 2 copy. Let me ask him. You please PM me your number so I can contact you.
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    Chandoo Chandoo: It hasn't left early access yet, so its hard to classify as a 2020 issue :p