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  • Hmm...I'm gonna miss u & ur blogs.Good luck on ur Way to the Success!!!.
    It's Strange nobody said u a goodbye on ur profile.
    Achaa, you only mentioned disabling cores - not enabling them.

    There is about a 75% chance you can unlock a dual-core Phenom II to a quad-core Phenom II, and about a 90% chance you can unlock it to a tri-core Phenom II, and then you need a decent BIOS to do so. Some manufacturers support this core unlocking thing officially, but some don't. Either way, most BIOS's will allow you to try to unlock the cores.

    However, if things get unstable after overclocking the other two cores, you'll know your processor fell into that 25% which aren't able to unlock the other two cores.
    With almost every decent BIOS you can enable/disable cores... it's not anything new. You could do this with Q6600 too.

    Although, I wouldn't see why anybody would disable two cores... what's the point? Just keep them all on, all the time.
    Well your are idea is pretty solid and we had discuss it before as well and we do have a channel on youtub (actually I just keeping it as a reserve) but the problem is that members don't make videos that much but yeah we definitely need a video channel where members can post any of their original made videos like of hardware etc..the only thing which I need to thing is to provide a way for members to upload their videos which then can be shared on youtube..
    yes you can make the thread..
    mention that the item is with your bro...mention your uk numbr and your bro paki number..and tell your bro to deal with this product. He will be acting as a middle man. The buyer will pay in your bro acc/your acc/cash , you can decide that. But please tell your bro to email you pics, which you will upload with the username on PG.
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