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  • Hey dude..., i was thinking of upgrading from i3 to i5 soooooo im thinking of buying a i5 2400 used... should i go for it or buy 3570 used instead only a 5k gap...??
    I don't OC... i just need for normal gaming and other purposes... I'll be going to uni this year so maybe i'll be working on game engines from now on like unity3d, cryengine etc... will 3570 help more than 2400??
    Cellphones are relatively minor area in hardware, and it has only ONE section, as compared to numerous of PC Hardware. That, and the fact that another thread was already present in Cell Phones section (in its right place). So all reviews should be posted in that thread. They will be added to the opening post, to ensure users don't miss anything.

    Due to the wide variety of PC hardware and lengthy reviews, they don't share similar characteristics as phones' review threads. However, its best to create ONE thread say, about GTX750 ... and post ALL of its reviews in that ONE thread.
    Let me worry about the managing. For major devices, i have always kept relevant info in ONE thread. Makes it easy for people to participate and discuss it as things progress. S4's thread also shared the same fate.
    You think HSN Pakistan took those pictures? :)

    You can clearly see the original website's watermark/logo covered with a white stripe in the first couple of images. Anyway.
    Sheeit! Thank God the mother made a right decision.
    I can't imagine a Bieber-less world :(
    Oh, that is very generous of you. I have plans to sell a couple of my items before paying for this new product. I will buy it from you inshallah in few days.
    I have very busy routine in current times; preoccupied with different responsibilities and specially education. Anyways, need my attention somewhere?
    Price difference was the same
    17.5K was the price i paid for my Display and yeah u should buy it
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