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    Want To Sell MSI GTX 650 Ti

    Aoa, as the title states I'm selling my GTX 650 Ti 1 Gb MSI Power Edition variant. Specs: MSI Power Edition Gtx 650 Ti Perfect for E-sports gaming Reason for selling: Upgraded Condition: 9/10 Temps: Between 53-57 on load max Pics: IMGUR Link Demand: 8.5k Location: Karachi Shipping on buyers...
  2. Ali Hasnain1

    Want To Buy 1440p high refresh rate monitor

    Aoa, as the title states I'm looking for 2k resolution high refresh rate monitor. Preferably IPS but open to offers of TN/VA panels too. Price should be reasonable. Thank you. Number: 0331-8103447
  3. Ali Hasnain1

    Want To Buy Low end budget graphics card

    Assalamualaikum, as the title states I'm looking to buy low-end budget gpu. Card should be in good physical condition. Budget: 8-13k Contact: 0331-8103447 Kindly check market rates before offering. Don't offer card like gt 730 for 12k for your sake. JazakAllah.
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    Zotac Gtx 1660 Super 6GB

  5. Ali Hasnain1

    Zotac Gtx 1660 Super 6GB

    Bumpp Price dropped
  6. Ali Hasnain1

    Zotac Gtx 1660 Super 6GB

    Aoa, as the title states I'm selling my personally used Zotac 1660 Super Twin fan edition 6GB in mint condition. - Condition: 9.5/10 - Never mined. Card has been used with utmost care. - Includes all the accessories that comes with the box. Box included. - Played all latest games like Valhalla...
  7. Ali Hasnain1

    Want To Buy PS4/Xbox one Controller

    Looking to buy the above mentioned controller at reasonable price. Contact: 0331-8103447 Location: Karachi
  8. Ali Hasnain1

    Want To Sell Gigabyte B450m S2H V2

    Aoa, as the title states I'm selling my personally used B450m S2h V2 in mint condition. Package includes box and everything that comes with it. Product Link: Gigabyte B450m S2h v2 Condition: 9.5/10. Everything works perfectly and it's almost as good as new. Bought it in Feb 2021, so warranty...
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    Redmi Note 8 4GB/64GB Moonlight White Color

    Aoa, as the title states I'm selling my personally owned Redmi note 8 in Moonlight White Color 4gb/64gb storage. It's PTA Approved on both sims. Condition: 10/10. Everything works perfectly. Accessories: Everything that comes with the box. Data cable, Packed charger and manuals. Currently...
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    Want To Sell Samsung SyncMaster 24" 1080p LED

    Aoa, selling my personally owned Samsung 24" 1080p LED. Model no: S24A460 Condition: 9/10. Some minor scratches. Colors and brightness are very good for a TN panel. Monitor has both VGA and DVI Cable option but DVI socket doesn't work. Demand: 4499rs Ownership Proof is attached...
  11. Ali Hasnain1

    Want To Buy Corsair Sata PSU Cable

    Hi. As the title states, I'm looking to Corsair PSU's SATA cable. If anyone has this niche item, do let me know. Contact: 0313-0128198 Link: SATA Cable
  12. Ali Hasnain1

    Want To Sell Thunder JX 188-2 Tempered Glass Casing with RGB fan

    Asalamualakium. Selling my Thunder JX 188-2 Casing in mint condition. It Includes 1x Games of War RGB fan with it Ownership Proof is attached. Reason for selling: Upgrading Demand: 6k Location: Karachi Images: Thunder JX 188-2 Tempered Glass Casing Prefer H2h deal but can be shipped all...
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