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    Info-Net Broadband Islamabad

    Hey man by any chance is your residence is at B-17? If yes then I have been in the same position as you. I replaced my PTCL with infonet for a smoother connection. However, the thing is if your looking for a gaming connection then sadly it isn't very stable. The pings is unpredictable during...
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    Sony X75F vs TCL C6 (55")

    I have used TCL C6 extensively now. The TV works well & does everything as it’s supposed to. Plus I have some smart home stuff, so I control it with my tv through Google assistant. Picture is plenty bright, hdr works fine. The soundbar is plenty loud for daily useage so I don’t see myself buying...
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    Want To Sell Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Wireless Earbuds

    Bump price is a little bit negotiable!
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    SOLD Apple airpods

    Token money transferred & reserved.
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    CA -|- Chartered Accountants Thread

    Heyy man thanks for the reply. Needed some info back then but already got inducted during the last session
  6. Akaiz99

    CA -|- Chartered Accountants Thread

    Hey any member here who works at PWC Islamabad office?
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    SOLD Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Cheap

  8. Akaiz99

    SOLD LG Watch Urbane

    Price is negotiable..
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