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  • sorry to say but you had me misunderstood i think, i want to open an account here before leaving..i saw your bank related thread which is a few months old and i was wondering what conclusion you reached
    Yo Yo bro,remember me ? i needed some advice..I may be going abroad for studies and i need to open a bank account in pak, in case i need to do any transactions in future on pg...i know you may have been in the same situation before you went to US for your master and had bluray movie store..So which banks offers the best online transaction services ? thanks in advance
    Hello Ahmad.

    Was going through your Awesome BluRay store, in search of a total of three BluRay movies that I might wanna buy for a friend in near future.

    First up, may I know where exactly in Islamabad/Rawalpindi you are based?

    Secondly, my friend only just recently got a 27 inch Full HD monitor so I was thinking of buying 2-3 BluRaymovies that are really worth being viewed on a Full HD setup (non-3D).
    I narrowed down my options to 1) The Avengers 2) Inception 3) Batman (the last one that came)
    Do you approve of that list or would you have a better list to suggest. If you do have recommendations, please enlighten me.

    Thirdly, another Batman movie is expected by the 23rd, I think. Would it be available on BluRay with you by the 25th of this month?

    So then, if I am buying three movies (with prints and covers for each) how much would I be charged in total, with all the concessions ofcourse?
    ahmed will they work with samsing plasma 3d tv -- as i broke the glasses which came with the set .

    and whats the final for me ..if they work
    Mjhe ksi ki bht bht madad ki zarort he . M apko beg krha hun k agr ap harddrive se related information rakhte ho to m apse begging request krun ga k mjhe srif 5 mint de nai to meir zindagi ki sabse bari important chez loss kr dun ga.
    Hey! Just wanted to ask you whether you will be bringing the Full mEtal Alchemist Brotherhood series on Bluray yaa download pe lgaa duu?? :/
    Hey ahmed....need to talk to you regarding blu ray movies....contact me on this number asap....03015321516
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