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  • I'm not playing KOF XIII anymore, I just played it to check out the new moves and what-not and the overall feel of the game. :p
    No, by rushdown move, I meant his hcb + K.
    Yeah, I was thinking of getting an arcade stick.....I might get it in a couple of months. :S

    Kula always had good combos in all the games she's been in. :|
    No love for the grapplers? :p
    Keyboard. :p
    Kudos to you for being able to get Iori's combo in 02, what was it? uppercut into his rush-down move and repeat, right? :S

    What's your team in XIII?
    Yeah....I can't do HD combo's, only thing I can do is their normal combo's, HD is too much for me, I can't do the moves fast enough, :<
    same case in KOF 2002. :<
    I enjoy 2D fighters more as compared to 3D fighters. :p

    Yeah, I've played it on my pc. :p
    What? I want to fight someone in XIII, So I thought why not ask someone to bring it to the meet. :p

    and I saw the picture. You're in the front row with the green shirt, right? :D
    hey, i read in a thread you got your xbox unmodded, how does it work, I have LT 3.0, but people are suggesting not to go on live, so i was wondering if it is actually true that you can switch back ?
    I love charge characters, they're fun to play with. :3

    Felicia? ._. are we talking about Darkstalkers or MvC3 here? xD
    Do you mean Filia? :3
    PainWheel looks weird even for me. D:

    No, I don't have the game. :\
    I don't even have an Xbox 360 or PS3. T_T
    I'm just hoping it gets announced for PC. >_>
    But, If it does get announced my Team would be Ms. Fortune and Cerebella and Valentine, or If I'm only using 2 characters then Ms. Fortune and Peacock. :3
    "Haha, no, man. My CIE exams are dangerously close" CIE exams, eh. Where are you atm?
    "I've not played video games in months now" months? D: why? ._.

    I hope you'll configure the ports. :D
    No prob, see ya. :3
    lol Halo 3's time has passed. We're all on Halo: Reach now and i think you haven't heard of the title update it got that totally made this game play like "Halo" again. Get a copy of Reach asap!
    its ok dude,i was waiting though,u missed some intense matches between me and a friend who plays v.good akuma,the akuma was 25-27 in my favour,it was intense.....:),hope to c ya soon though
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    Join Now bro..its ok :)
    anyways..RIP is a law player..the match u saw him with steve was against was using law n nin was using steve..yes the top 2 players r nin n holeman..these 3 r almost equally gud but knee is distinctively the best of the three..hmm

    gud u r on lars..he s a beast plus easy to use!

    n we cudnt play much tekken last time coz lite chali gaye thi saad k ghar pe..
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