Plugging MV #32 Event Effects & Noisy Steps | Change Sprite Tint, Angle, Offset, Viewport

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Jul 21, 2020 at 7:02 AM
Posted by SigmaSuccour
'Plugging MV' is a series where I showcase interesting (community-made) plugins for RPG Maker MV, as I discover them myself, while going through a list of 4000+ plugins.
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--- Plugging MV #32
Mainly two plugins have been showcased in this video:
EventEffects.js by Sasuke KANNAZUKI
AG_CharacterNoisySteps.js by Akumu Games


Let's discuss AG_CharacterNoisySteps.js first, since it's simpler. This plugin allows us to add 'footstep' sound effects to the player, and events, based on terrain tags.
Here is the official post of the plugin:

And here is the download link:


Now, let's move on to EventEffect.js
This plugin allows us to apply the following effects to our player sprite & events:
- Change tint
- Change opacity (with fade-in and fade-out effect)
- Display balloon icon through 'set movement' command
- Apply rotation (or Change Angle)
- Offset sprite (so it won't stand at the middle of every tile)
- Change priority (below character, same as character, or above character)
- Change sprite image by Crossfade (fade out your current sprite, and fade in another one.)
- Change sprite Viewport (Cut off part of the sprite, so that part of it appears sunk in water, or in a field of flowers or grass)

- Here is the official EventEffects.js post:

- Since downloading from the official post may require registering, here is an alternative download link:

-------------------------- HOW TO:
Both plugins have clear instructions inside them. So just follow that.
However, with EventEffect.js, instructions on viewport are a bit unclear. So here is a quick follow-through on changing viewport:
in 'set movement' command, type in the following script:
this.setOffset2(dx, dy);
replace dx and dy with any number of pixels (like 2, 25, 38).
this.setOffset2(0, 20);

--- BGM used:

--- Spreadsheet Link: (with the list of all showcased plugins)

--- YouTube Playlist:
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